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AppHUB™ For Amazon Web Services

Your Custom High-Performance Gateway to AWS.

Solving High-Performance Access.  Accelerating App Performance.

AppHUB is a secure high-performance gateway providing direct access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leading cloud applications, leveraging CFN’s globally distributed, high-performance network platform. AppHUB enables enterprises to connect directly to AWS cloud infrastructure through a single access hub from within your private data center or from any data center or proximity location across CFN’s optimized, low latency global network.

AppHUB for AWS Solution Overview

High-Performance Global Solution. Access Anywhere to Get Anywhere.

While AWS and other cloud services can be global in their availability, access locations can be far from end-users and data sources – resulting in latency, congestion, and poor performance. 

With AppHUB, enterprises leverage CFN’s globally distributed POPs and high-performance application delivery platform that connects more than 70 data centers and proximity locations worldwide via an enterprise-grade, low latency core network with built-in diversity and redundancy for predictable performance.


Direct and Secure Access

Direct and secure access to the AWS EC2 and S3 on-demand compute and storage services from any AWS region in the world — from a single hub within any of our 70+ AppHUB gateways across North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Guaranteed High Performance

Ensure consistent and predictable performance for AWS cloud services for your distributed user base. AppHUB delivers enterprise-grade low latency connectivity, dedicated bandwidth and network reliability over CFN’s global platform – even for users not located near a primary instance or data sources.

Scalable On-Ramp

Simplify integration of third-party cloud solutions and internal applications through a dedicated, scalable on-ramp into the AWS cloud. Move large volumes of data in and out of AWS faster with optimized access to cloud and enterprise resources.

Simple Connection

A single connection to AppHUB may be all you need. It could be as simple as a single cross-connect within a neutral data center that you’re already in – or easily establish a dedicated connection from your enterprise locations to any AppHUB-AWS gateway.

Flexible Service Options

Flexible terms, pricing and install times. Fully managed AppHUB solutions can include provisioning access connectivity, installation and management of network devices, enhanced capacity and performance monitoring and reporting, and 24 x 7 operational monitoring.

Improve Your Cloud and Application Performance


Improve Application Performance for Distributed Data Sets and Applications

Applications that are geographically distributed and require guaranteed bandwidth and low latency between AWS data centers and enterprise locations are best suited for AppHUB. AppHUB has controlled, predictable latency that guarantees bandwidth and delivers performance levels ensuring instances running on AWS behave as if they were running on the local network.


Improve AWS End-User Quality of Experience (QoE): Both Remotely and Within the Enterprise

Deliver applications at LAN-like speeds for remote users connecting to globally distributed AppHUB POPs close to end-user locations. Simplify high-performance access to AWS cloud services from enterprise locations by integrating AppHUB into your enterprise network.

High-Performance Access Simplified

Solving Your Access Challenge. Your Gateway to AWS.

AppHUB is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that solves access and performance challenges – both within the enterprise and for remote users.  AppHUB provides a single point of high-performance connectivity to CFN’s global, lowest-latency cloud platform with direct access to AWS and other cloud services.  With a single, secure AppHUB connection, your users can bypass the public Internet with superior throughput, reliability and security.   High bandwidth and options to scale capacity ensure optimal performance for public and hybrid cloud solutions.

AppHUB-AWS Access Methods

Establish Enterprise-Wide, Low Latency Access to AWS through AppHUB

Enterprise AWS Connection2

Enterprise WAN Locations to AppHUB

Deploy AppHUB adjacent to enterprise infrastructure in your private data center or any of your enterprise locations. Or, establish a dedicated connection from your enterprise locations to any AppHUB-AWS gateway on CFN’s global platform.

Remote to AWS

Remote Access to Regional AppHUB Gateways

Enable high-performance access from remote locations to AWS via dedicated regional AppHUB gateways close to end-user locations without backhauling traffic over your enterprise network and having users traverse the public Internet to access a single AWS data center location.

Specialized AppHUB-AWS Solutions


AppHUB over CFN’s Alpha Platform

High-Performance Access to AWS from Financial Data Centers Worldwide
With dedicated connections to AWS from AppHUB gateways across CFN’s Alpha Platform –  a global low latency trading platform connecting more than 70 financial data centers worldwide – financial services firms can more easily deploy, run and manage applications in the cloud and directly integrate these applications with other key components of their financial systems or trading infrastructure. Contact Us >>

cfnservices-cloudserviceproviders-175AWS Solutions for SaaS and Cloud Service Providers

Simplify High-Performance Access and Delivery of Your Cloud Solutions
Simplify the integration of your SaaS and cloud services with the elastic compute and storage capabilities of AWS through a secure, high-performance direct access connection. Broaden your reach to a globally distributed audience and user base over CFN’s high-performance application delivery platform. Contact Us >>

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