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As IT organizations evaluate external cloud solutions, ensuring highly secure and reliable performance across the enterprise is top of mind.

With the increasing migration real-time, mission-critical applications to the cloud, service providers that can ensure optimal service quality and provide flexible access for their enterprise clients have a distinct advantage.

At CFN, we know the network and cloud infrastructure figures prominently in X-as-a-Service (XaaS) delivery models.  Delivering optimal performance means providing the bandwidth scalability, capacity, throughput and security required for enterprise IT environments.

AppHUB: A Secure, High Performance Gateway to the Cloud

With AppHub, service providers can create a secure, high performance gateway to their cloud solutions, simplifying direct access via our global high performance, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

Simplify access.  Deploy your cloud solutions across a global network of neutral data centers in close proximity to key business centers.  Extend and simplify accessibility through a single access hub connected directly from data centers to one or more network backbones or to your enterprise clients’ private data centers.

Ensure secure and reliable performance. Direct connections between enterprises and cloud services providers offer greater service quality and security.  Deploy your solutions directly on low latency, high capacity networks and tailor access options based on your service requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Simplify integration with enterprise architecture and complementary networked and cloud-based solutions.  Enable direct and seamless access over our private, secure cloud platform allowing enterprises to more easily integrate external cloud solutions with other components of their IT infrastructure. Minimize latency in the cloud to improve the performance of hybrid cloud solutions and latency-sensitive applications.

Expand your reach: Enhance your cloud-based solutions by integrating simplified high performance direct access and broadening your reach across geographically dispersed markets and extended enterprises.

Enable a secure, high performance gateway to your cloud solutions via AppHub and our enterprise-grade cloud platform. 

Contact us to learn about how we can help you differentiate your cloud solutions and deliver improved perfomance for your enterprise clients.

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